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Vision�Home Inspections Include
Florida State Certified HI 604
1)���� The homes structure�integrity is fully inspected for any�structural deficiencies.
2)���� The roof system of the home is thoroughly inspected from the TOP SIDE of the roof as well as going through all of the attic and inspecting the under side of the roof system from the attic. If roof problems are found a map of the roof and a description / photos of the problems is draw out for easy understanding of any problems. We will tell you if the roof is�LEAKING or NOT�(most companies do not go through the attic or check on top of the roof and will not tell you if the roof is actively leaking or not).
3)���� While in the attic the truss and roof decking system is checked as well as all of the AC ductwork and the insulation coverage and R factor. All of the electrical wiring and any plumbing lines in the attic area are thoroughly inspected.
4)���� The attic ventilation is checked.
5)���� The heating and cooling system is tested for 1) Proper temperature drop on the cooling side�� 2) Proper temperature rise on the heating side� 3) Proper amperage draw on the compressor and the heating strips when in operation. 4) All supply drops inside the home are temperature tested. (most companies only check temperatures at one location,� no other company inspects the AC system this thorough.)
6)���� The electrical system is thoroughly tested and inspected:� 1) The panel cover is removed all wires are checked for proper size (gauge) on the proper size breakers�� 2) A THERMO INFERRED HEAT SCAN is done on the panel (for any possible hot spots that would indicate loose connections)��� 3) AMPERAGE and voltage readings are taken on several of the different systems (ie, hot water heater, AC system, appliances, ect) to make sure of proper operation����� 4) all accessible electrical devices, outlets and fixtures are tested for proper operation
7)���� All the appliances (dishwasher, disposal, stove, microwave, refrigerator, washer and dryers) are tested and run through FULL cycles to make sure of proper operation. (many companies short cycle the appliance)�
8)���� All the plumbing PIPES, fixtures, hot water heater and drains are checked for proper operation.
9)���� For homes on well the well pumps / aerator systems are inspected. Basic WATER TESTING is included. A TDS� (total Dissolved Solids) reading is taken on any Reversed Osmosis systems to verify proper operation.�
10)� The tub and shower tile surrounds are looked at very closely for loose tiles and deteriorated sub walls.
11)� All interior and exterior doors are checked for proper operation.
12)� All interior flooring is checked. Walls and ceilings are inspected. ( Any Defective Drywall Is Noted)
13)� Fireplace systems are inspected.�
14)� All windows and screens are checked for proper operation (single hung, sliders, awnings, ect)
15)� The soffit and fascia materials on the exterior are inspected.
16)� The garage and garage overhead door / openers are checked for proper operation.
17)� Entry porch areas are inspected.
18)� Gutter systems are checked.
19)� Sprinkler systems are tested and checked.
20)� All patio deck and screen cage areas are inspected.
21)� If the home has a pool:� 1) all the pool pumps / filter systems are inspected���� 2)��HEATING� systems�are� inspected� / tested �(solar panels checked for leaking)
22)� The exterior wall finish is inspected
23)� Driveways and sidewalks are checked.
24)� Grading away from the home is checked for proper rain run off away from the house.
25)� Any fencing systems installed are checked.
26)� SEAWALLS / stem wall systems and Boat Lifts / Docks are inspected for proper operation & installation.
27)� Full digital photos are taken throughout the inspection and incorporated into the inspection report.
28) Wind Mitigation inspections ( save hundreds of dollars on your insurance). additional cost�
29)� Mold testing, Termite Inspections (completed by Pest Solutions Plus) and Radon testing, can all be done at additional costs.
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