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This is just a few of the differences between a Vision Home Inspection and other companies inspections.

1) Our experience: 30 years & over 18, 000 homes personal inspected in Lee County.

2) Roof System: We will tell you if the roof system is actively LEAKING or NOT and the approximate age of the roof. By climbing through all of the attic area and checking the top side of the roof you will know if the roof leaks or not. (very few companies will tell you in the report if the roof leaks or not and the age of the roof system).

3) Electrical System: We open the electrical service panel to do the following:
a) A full infrared thermo heat scan is done to look for heat build up, indicating loose connections or excessive loads.
b) All branch circuits are checked and tightened
c) Amperage readings are taken on all mechanical systems, (AC condenser, Air handler Heat strips, Stove, Hot Water Heater, Clothes Dryer, Pool Pumps and Pool Heat Pumps) to verify proper operation of all mechanical equipment. (most companies take NO amperage readings at all)
d) Vision Home Inspections holds an ELECTRICAL LICENSE.

4) AIR CONDITIONING cooling and heating systems are checked for proper temperature drop on the cooling side and proper temperature rise on the heating side at ALL supply drops throughout the home. (some companies don’t even test heating system or take temperature readings)

5) APPLIANCES are run through a full cycle (not bumped through the cycles like most companies) this allows for a proper testing of the units (most companies are not on site long enough to run appliances through full cycles).

6) PLUMBING SYSTEM water lines are thoroughly checked for any signs of failures (several areas of the county have had extensive failures in copper pipes) water meters are checked for any movement to verify no leaking in system (most companies don’t check the water meters). Well Equipment is inspected including softener testing and reverse osmosis testing are included in our inspections. (No other company does this).

7) WINDOWS are ALL checked for proper operation (most companies do a representative number of windows).

8) POOLS and all the equipment including solar systems, heat pumps and even gas heaters are tested for proper operation.

9) SEAWALLS / BOAT LIFTS / DOCKS are included at no extra charge.

10) Defective High Sulfur Drywall inspection is a standard part of our home inspections ( no extra charge)

11) INSPECTIONS ARE OUR ONLY BUSINESS we do not build homes or do repairs on them.

12) CUSTOMERS WELCOME at all inspections (most companies don’t want the customer at the inspection, we wonder why?).

“Vision Does More For The Money”

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